Black & White

Sing for me! Quebec (2017).

Penguin sledding. Georgetown (2017).

Look at the size of those! New York (2017).

Baby steps. Cape Henlopen (2017).

Some web for the Web. Cape Henlopen (2017).

Crystal clear. Washington (2017).

Downward spiral. Cape Henry (2017).

Forward is the only way. Washington (2017).

The cross of changes. Montreal (2017).

Never know who you'll meet in the woods. Falls Church (2018).

Enjoying the sights. Washington (2017).

Lifeguard on duty. First Landing (2017).

Rainy Friday. Alexandria (2016).

Facebook and chill. Washington (2017).

Alien blobs. White Oak (2017).

Welcome to the machine. Cape Henlopen (2017).