Her little red shoes
Loft du Vieux Port, Montréal, Canada
May 2017

Man, look at the size of those things!
Charging Bull, New York, USA
April 2017

Galerie Le Luxart, Montréal, Canada
May 2017

First Landing State Park, Virginia, USA
August 2017

Poking the sky
Air and Space Museum, Washington DC, USA
November 2017

Alien lights
FDA, Maryland, USA
September 2017

Some web for the Web
Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware, USA
August 2017

A downward spiral
 Cape Henry Lighthouse, Virginia, USA
March 2017

Crystal clear
Supra, Washington DC, USA
November 2017

Hey, Guys! Do you have some foood?
Johnston Canyon, Alberta, Canada
August 2017